Get a fish eye view of the corals and marine life in the pristine waters surrounding Aore Island. Takes about 3 hours and requires a minimum of 4 people. Snorkel gear hire available.

Scenic Island Tours

Cruise in style around the islands of Santo on Full Boar. Enjoy a picnic lunch or dine at one of the many Island Resorts – minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 6 people.

Fishing Charters

Jump aboard “Full Boar” and get amongst the Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Marlin. Fishing gear & light refreshments supplied. Maximum of four people and a minimum of 6hrs.

Millennium Cave Tour

The Millennium Cave tour is an exciting, adventure filled experience.  join the local village guides on a trek through tropical forest, explore Vanuatu’s largest cave, climb over rocks and boulders, then cool down with a river swim.

Millennium Cave is situated in South Central Santo, a 60 minute drive from Luganville town. When the transport stops, a 15 minute walk then takes guests through coconut plantation and across a bamboo bridge leading to the village of Funaspef. This Village is the home of a Tour Guides and within the traditional Nakamal building he will explain the tour, showing a map and the route to be followed. Guests are provided with a torch, life jacket and flotation aid for the walk through the cave and the river swim.

This adventure is a full day but well worth the effort!

Mount Hope Water Fall Float

The Mount Hope Waterfall float is the “little brother” of the millennium cave tour with a less strenuous alternative land excursion and easy access by vehicle right to the start of the float.It is achievable for most people and children.

Put on your life jacket and float downstream, winding through a limestone gorge overhung with thick vines, fringed ferns and mossy trees. The river flows at a gentle pace, eventually reaching your destination, Mount Hope Waterfall. Here you can climb the falls and take a break halfway as the water runs all around you.

Then its just a short 20min walk through the natural jungle back to the pick up area in the plantation , its only a half day tour and can be easily arrange when you are here.

Champaigne Beach and Port Orly

Champagne Beach is world-renowned for its white, soft sand and lapping waves. It’s often voted one of the best beaches in the world, and upon arrival there, you’ll understand why. The beach is known as Champagne Beach because of the volcanic gases that come up through the sand at the shoreline to make it feel and look like champagne under your feet.

Not only is Port Olry a fantastic swimming spot on Santo, but it also has great beach side cafes where you can sample the local seafood while looking out over the water. If you fancy venturing further , hire a canoe or kayak and paddle out to the nearby islands where untouched reefs are great for snorkeling.  Located just north of Champagne Beach, its a great spot to go for lunch.

Blue Hole Tours

Vanuatu’s stunning blue holes where pure fresh spring water flows underground from huge mountains in the center of the islands flowing up onto the surface forming these crystal blue hidden gems.

There are 3 stunning blue holes on Santo, Nanda , Matevulu and Riri River and one on Malo Island.

Vanuatu is the only country in the world that boasts more blue holes along the eastern side of an island, Espiritu Santo, than any other place in the world?