Dive SS President Coolidge

Dive the largest most accessible ship wreck in the world. At 205m long and 27m beam, the SS President Coolidge – she offers something for all levels of diver experience from newly trained open water divers to Tech qualified. She struck friendly mines during world war two with over 5740 troops on board.

The Coolidge was full of war supplies, like jeeps, ammunition, guns,medical supplies and canons along with personal belongings of the troops and crew, all there for the divers now to enjoy. She started life as a luxury liner before being brought in as a troop ship to aid the war effort, so you will get to see how the upper classed travel in the great cruise ship era seeing the beautiful porcelain statue of “The Lady”, chandeliers and a mosaic tile fountain & swimming pool.

The SS President Coolidge is the pinnacle of wreck dives in Santo and with her sheer size alone, makes it for an amazing experience at 205m long, 27m wide and a gross tonnage of 21,936t!

The wreck starts in 18m of water at the bow and finishes around 65m at the stern. She is filled with WWII supplies including willys jeeps, GMC trucks, ammunition,medical stores and soldiers personal belongings.There is something for everyone, and you can do many different dives with over 20 different dive routes e.g. cargo holds, the lady, the galley, engine room, medical supplies, swimming pool just to name a few. You do not have to dive deep to experience this magnificent wreck,and it’s only 15 minutes travel time.

You could do over 12 dives and not see all that the Coolidge has to offer, but even doing just a couple of dives gives you the insight of her majestic life and sheer size.