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Frequently Asked Questions

The wreck has something for all levels of divers from open water divers to Tec qualified. The water is still, warm and clear so it makes for a great place to increase your diving depths & experience if you are happy to do so.
You can do over two dozen dives and not see all the wreck, but even a few dives make for an unforgettable experience.
The wreck starts in 20m of water and the stern is in just over 70m, so something for all to enjoy. There is a code of conduct with all local operators limiting the maximum depth to 60m.
We are the only dive operator in Santo that has all the following on site, Remote Area 1st Aid kit, Dan twin bottle Oxygen Resuscitation kit, AED (automated external defibrillator) satellite phone

There is an operating chamber in Port Vila.

Depending on the planed dive there are usually 2 or 4 divers to a guide, but on basic dives there may be up to 6.

The day starts with boarding Full Boar at 7.15am, arriving at the dive site for briefing, after the 1st dive a great homemade morning tea is provided on board and after the required surface interval complete the 2nd dive and have lunch before returning around 1.30pm/2pm, so not all your day is taken up with diving, keeping non diving family happy too.

The water ranges in temperature of around 26c in winter to 31c in summer, so most divers wear either a 3mm suit or a light lavacore/sharkskin garment.
Boat dives are much easier, with no double handling of equipment or awkward shore entries mooring right on the dive sites.

Aore Adventure Sports has the top of the range Oceanic and Hollis regulators and BCD’s (all bcd’s are supplied with a surface marker buoy and whistle).

And each Reg set has your own personal dive computer for your added safety.
We also have dive lights, masks, fins and 3mm shorties to hire as required.

We have 12ltr aluminum cylinders, with the option of either a STD K valve or DIN valves.

Tanks are filled between 220b and 240b.

We run high end German made compressors and conduct regular breathing air quality tests to Australian standards and we are the only operator to monitor air quality for Carbon-monoxide.

1 x L&W 450

1 x L&W 300

2 x Posiedon PE 100

2 x L&W 100’s