MV Tui Tawaite

Tucked in the crystalline waters of the Segond Channel lies the shipwreck of Tui Tawaite, just 10mins from our base. While not as internationally renowned as some other wrecks in the region, Tui Tawaite offers divers a unique glimpse into maritime history.

Over the years, the submerged vessel has become an artificial reef, with marine life making their homes in and around its structure. Coral formations, schools of fish, and the ambient play of light and shadow within the wreck make each dive a captivating experience.

Nestled alongside other prominent shipwrecks like the USS Tucker, diving the Tui Tawaite provides both historical exploration and the opportunity to witness the rich biodiversity of Vanuatu’s underwater world.

MV Tui Tawate was used in the salvage of the oil from the SS President Coolidge. More info..