Aore Plane

A muck dive, where the wreckage of a small 2-seater spy plane rests (a McDonald Douglas dauntless dive bomber). Among the reef, you’ll also find ammunition, Coke bottles and other signs of America’s military presence here during WWII. An unidentified plane wreck believed to be a dauntless dive bomber rests in 26m of water and is now broken into 3 main pieces. There are also many other bits from WWII scattered on the nearby reef, it is very close to shore and even though vis can be down from time to time, it makes for a different dive here in Santo &t here is a large resident moray that can usually been seen on most dives. Depth 22m to 28m

This Plane is fully intact and rests upside down with its landing gear down, which indicates it crashed on take-off or on approach to land at the nearby fighter strip.It rests on a sandy bottom up against the reef, little is known about it but it makes for an interesting dive. US Marine Observation Squadron 251 was set up in 1942 at Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides with sixteen F4F-3 Wildcat fighters modified for long- range photographic missions.

This wreck is rarely visited and we are the only operator to dive it.It rests upside down fully intact against reef in about 18m of water. Depth 12m to 20m