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Popular Reef Diving Sites

A very easy dive over a bed of bright, colourful coral and has an abundance of fish life including tuna and barracuda along the reef edge. Divers see a tremendous variety of staghorn corals, large plate corals and our very own “potato head” coral which is unlike anything you’ve seen before. You can also find the odd box of ww2 ammunition which was discarded here.Depth ranges from 8m to 35m.

This site is only offered by us, and is situated on the north eastern side of Aore Island. It’s covered in multi colored gorgonian fans, hence its name! Due to its location, visibility frequently is 30m plus and large pelagic species like tuna, GT’S and barracuda can be seen. Fantasy Reef is one of Santo’s best kept secrets.

This site is a shallow dive with depths ranging from 18m to 5m and is great as a second dive after diving the MV Henry Bonneaud.And due to its location visibility is generally 30m+.

It is generally done as a drift dive with the boat picking you up at the end. There are fans and hard corals on the reef with the chance to see reef sharks, turtles ,passing tuna, GT’S and barracuda.it is also protected from prevailing south east trade winds when they’re around.

Tutuba Point

This site has caves, canyons and swim throughs. It is situated on the northern end of Tutuba Island with lots of hard plate corals. Depth starts at around 6m down the wall to over 30m, and due to its location you never know what will pass by and the visibility can be mind blowing! Plenty of crayfish frequent this site.

Two Sticks

Situated on the open side of Tutuba, this site has clean water and plenty of gully’s to swim up. The coral is very healthy and you will see passing schools of dogtooth tuna and barracuda. There are also all the usual tropical species adding all the colours of the rainbow. Depth ranges from 6m to 35m.


This site is special and we are the only ones to dive it. The island has it all – with vertical walls, caves, swim throughs, great coral life and amazing visibility of 40m plus. Depths range from 6m down to 60m.