Cindy’s Reef

Cindy’s Reef, situated off the shores of Aore Island in Vanuatu, is a testament to the aquatic beauty the South Pacific region holds. As one of Vanuatu’s more revered diving spots, this expansive reef is named after a local dive guide who first introduced it to the world. Over the years, Cindy’s Reef has won over the hearts of divers with its mesmerizing and diverse coral gardens and aquatic life.

The dive site is characterized by its gently sloping reef, which stretches out and offers a panorama of vibrant soft and hard corals. Dotted with anemones, the reef is a playground for clownfish, while schools of fusiliers and anthias swirl above the coral outcrops. The site’s relative shallowness makes it perfect for both divers and snorkelers. As sunlight filters through the crystal-clear waters, it illuminates the colors of the reef, creating a captivating spectacle. Cindy’s Reef is not just about its coral scenery; it’s also a haven for macro enthusiasts. Hidden within the corals, one can spot nudibranchs, mantis shrimps, and the elusive pipefish.

Cindy’s Reef encapsulates the essence of Vanuatu’s underwater beauty, offering divers a tranquil yet vibrant dive experience. Its accessibility to divers of all skill levels and its rich marine biodiversity make it a must-visit when in the region.

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