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Paul and Lyndel

Aore Adventure Sports & Lodge

Aore Island Po Box 734 Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu Info@aoreadventures.com Mobile: +678 5550271 or +678 5990271
Aore Island - Espiritu Santo - Vanuatu
PO Box 734 Luganville, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
Phone:  678 5550271 info@aoreadventures.com

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Aore Adventure Sports & Lodge is located on the waterfront of Aore Island overlooking the Segond Channel and is just a five minute boat ride from the township of Luganville. Luganville is the capital of Espiritu Santo, the largest of the 83 islands that makes up the Vanuatu archipelago.   The Segond Channel is open on both ends and the tidal flow keeps it crystal clear for both diving and snorkelling.The Channel also offers significant protection from rough seas and trade winds and the lee side of Aore Island is calm most of the time. Getting here is so easy now with Air Vanuatu’s  direct 2½ hour flight from Brisbane to Santo every Tuesday and Santo to Brisbane every Sunday. Of course you can fly in from Port Vila daily as well. Vanuatu is the land of so much to see and so much to do with a reputation for interesting, fun and educational activities to suit any travellers’ expectations, caves to explore, treks, deserted beach picnics, wreck dive explorations, coral gardens to snorkel, Cultural villages volcanoes to observe, pristine wildernesses both above and under the water. The most extraordinary feature of Vanuatu's underwater world is not just the superb visibility, warm water or easily accessible dive sites, but the incredible diversity of diving and dive sites. Sea fans, soft corals and acropora gardens, plate corals and sponges and thousands of curious fish. Then there are wrecks…..planes, destroyers, tugs, American equipment and of course the mightiest shipwreck in the world“The SS President Coolidge” which is just a five minute trip from the beach of Aore Adventure Sports & Lodge.
China and Mia - resident pets Two and half hour flight from Brisbane Special!
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